UnderBoob Sweat

At Daddy/Daughter Fun Time, we don’t really have a budget for editors, proofreaders, or fact-checkers. On occasion, if we’re lucky, the Mommy of the Fun Time will read over my shoulder and offer an opinion:

Her: What are you posting about?

Me: MILFs.

Her: Please don’t.

Me: Ok


Her: What now?

Me: Camel Toes.

Her: Ew. Please, please don’t.

Me: Ok


Her: Dare I ask…?

Me: UnderBoob Sweat.

Her: You have some serious issues.

Me: No! I have a post!


The more I know about women the less I understand them.

Isabella is tired of watching the 50th replay of “American Ninja Warrior” on the G4 network, so we flip over to the Women’s US Open tennis finals between Serena Williams and Viktoria Azarenka.

I can’t help but notice the perspiration on the outfit of Miss Azarenka. I totally expect the neck, armpit and back region. But, ahem… her underboobs?

Plus, the belly button area....  Nike FAIL.

Plus, the belly button area…. Nike FAIL.

Ok. I didn’t know that “boob sweat” was a thing. And then Google came into my life. (Don’t click if you don’t wanna know…


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