Abby Normal

Helping Julianna (she’s 9) with her subtraction homework…

Me: Ok, Honey, it’s 6 minus 7, so you need to borrow from the “tens.”

J: Borrow?

Me: Sorry, Sweetie. When I was a kid doing math, we called it “borrowing,” but you go to a hippie art school.

J: Daddy, we call it a Progressive Set.

Me: Of course you do. Hippie.

J: Because, when you borrow something, you’re supposed to give it back. And, you really don’t do that with math. Give back.

Me: No, I suppose you just take. Like most kids.

J: What?… Like, can I borrow your brain?

Me: My brain?

J: Well, you don’t really use it most of the time, anyway.

Me: Have you been listening to Mommy again?

J: I promise, I’ll give it back… If you want it.

(Bonus points for whoever “gets” the Subject line.)

3 thoughts on “Abby Normal

    • Ding ding ding. We have a winner! (“Young Frankenstein.” But, Dave and I have a communal Mel Brooks love-fest going on, so that’s not fair. “What Knockers!.” “Oh, thank you Doctor.”)

  1. For weeks after the last time we watched that movie my husband would just be hanging around the house & suddenly go, “pu’en on the riiizzz” (my attempt to capture the essence of the monster 🙂 ). It was kind of disconcerting.

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