Girls! Girls! Girls!

When I was growing up, the phrase “Girls! Girls! Girls!” usually referred to a Motley Crüe video or some other televised skank-fest that I always enjoyed (still do), but my mother chased me away with a broom (now, the wife does that. Not really.).

These days, I often find myself uttering that phrase, but the meaning is quite different:
Girls! Girls! Girls!
– Please stop hitting your sister,
– Please stop yelling.
– Don’t argue with me, put the Legos back in the box.
– If she keeps pointing at you, break her finger off.
– Why are you screaming?!!! I’m not screaming!!! Do you see me screaming?!!! Stop screaming!!!
– She’s copying you? Guess what, that means I have to hear this conversation twice.
– I can turn this car around and go home right now!
– Goddammit!
– Brush your teeth and put your pajamas on. Now!
– Do you not see the tears streaming down my face?
– No iPad for a week!
– You’re totally faking it. Give me a break.

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