Blame the Victim

As you know by now, I had shoulder surgery a few weeks ago. Last week, at a newly-christened 10-year-old’s birthday party, I began explaining my predicament to a few Moms. Then, Julianna (she’s 9) chimed in.

Me (to the the Moms): …No, no specific injury. Probably just too much throwing the girls in the pool over the summer.

Julianna (interrupting): Daddy, I told you to not throw me because you could get hurt.

Me: I know, Honey.

J: But, you threw me anyway.

Me: Yes, I did.

J: And, then I loved it. So I wanted you to throw me again. And, again.

Me: Yeah, I know.

J: So, really, it’s your fault that you hurt your shoulder.

Me: My fault? I was throwing YOU.

J: Yeah. Your fault.

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