Yeah…. I know.

So, I haven’t been posting much recently. Bad shoulder. Can’t see straight. Brother died. Family tragedy. You get my point.

So, I’ve been dialing it back a notch. Life gets in the way of a silly blog every now and then.

But, I can’t resist this:

My First Grader. Doing her “B”s


She’s six. What kind of hippie school is this? (I’m not the only one who sees this, right? ’cause I may need more therapy than I suspected.)

[Update: I’ve had numerous comments about this post. Something about “Boob.” I was ONLY addressing the fact that the bus doesn’t have a door. Just a floppy window. There’s no door! Believe me, if I wanted to talk about boobs, I will.]

2 thoughts on “Yeah…. I know.

    • Thanks for the comment Peggy. Yeah, too late, I already put it up on the Facebook. But I have so few friends that I don’t think it will go viral. (Which is good, since the last time I went viral, about a dozen people went to the hospital)

      The family stuff does suck, though. But, a little humor along the way (however unintentional) helps.

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