Putting the girls to bed last night…

Julianna (she’s 9): Daddy, did you have technology when you were a kid?

Me: No, Honey. We rubbed sticks of wood together to create fire. We thought we were being pretty high-teak. Ha! Teak! Get it? It’s a wood.. No?

Julianna: Daaaad! Stop that. Did you have phones?

Me: Yes, Sweetie. We had phones. But you could only talk on them back then.

Isabella (relying on her single-digits of life experience. She’s 7): He means you could talk, text or email. But you couldn’t watch Netflix. (Actual verbatim quote.)

Me: Well, we weren’t even that fancy.

Julianna: Was it one of those boxes on the wall that you take the thing off the side and put it up to your ear, then crank a wheel, and talk to the opera rator through the round black thing in the middle?

Me: Exactly, Honey. How old do you think I am?

Iz: Um….

Me: Don’t answer that.

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