Dearly Beloved

Two of our very dearest friends got married this afternoon.

Things have changed since the first time you got married:

a) The couple was a thousand miles away in Washington State while we were in Los Angeles, California,
b) YouTube streamed it live,
c) We ate popcorn throughout the ceremony…
d) And, even a little wine.
e) And, a bathroom break.

And, here’s the best part

Isabella (She’s 7): Where’s the girl and her dress?

Me: Well, Honey. There’s no girl. f) These are two boys getting married.

Iz: They can do that?

Me: Yes. Does that bother you? Because, you know, they love each other.

Iz: No, not really. Does someone wear a dress? Are they going to kiss?

Me: No. And yes.

Iz: When? Now! Yay!

And the Republic still stands.

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