Black Holes

It’s past their bedtime, but they are watching Science(!) on TV with God himself (Morgan Freeman) narrating.

Isabella (she’s 7): Is that a Black Hole?

Me: That’s what one looks like.

Julianna (certified 10-year-old): So, that’s actually a black hole.

Me: Well, no. Honey. That’s what scientists think a black hole looks like.

Iz: But, wouldn’t the camera get sucked into the black hole.

J: And, how could they climb out of the black hole to tell us what it is like.

Me: Ok, Girls…. No one has gone into a black hole. This is what scientists think it is like. They do it in a computer.

Iz: So black holes aren’t real?

Me: No, Honey. They are real. But, we can’t actually see them. Science!

J: And Global Warming?

Me: Yes. But, don’t get me started.

Iz: And Evolution.

Me: Yes! Undeniably a wonderful story there! Where to begin….

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