The New York Times Effect on Man

On the ride in to school today, Julianna (she’s 10) has control of the radio.

Alt Rock: Commercial. Click.
Classic Rock: Commercial. Click.
Morning Zoo: Have you been hit in the balls? Click.
Oldies: Bee Gees. Click
Adult Contemporary: Commercial.

Me: Wait. Go back to the Bee Gees.

Words I never thought I’d say.

Stayin’ Alive. Now, the questions…

Julianna: Dad, what’s a woman’s man? And, how do you walk like that?
Me: Swagger.
Isabella (she’s 8): Are those boy singers or girls? They sound like girls?
Me: Boys. Falsetto.
J: What kind of music is this?
Me: Disco. Sucks.
Iz: Then why are you sticking your finger in the air?
Me: Stretching.
J: Was this from a movie?
Me: Yes. Saturday Night Fever.
J: Because “Stayin’ Alive” would be a good title for a movie.
Me: It was. Travolta. Not good.

“I’m stayin’ aliiiiive.”

Iz: Wow, that’s a high note. Daddy, you can’t sing.
Me: I know. Thanks.
J: Also, you walk stiff.
Iz: Yeah, no swagger.

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