Me: Honey, please put your shoes on.

Isabella (she’s 8, and belligerent at 7:30 am): I YAM putting them on.

Me: Sweetie, quickly. We have to go.

Iz: What do you think I am doing!

Me: Isabella, please don’t give me the attitude. Just put your shoes on.

Iz: I don’t know what “attitude” is. So, how can I give you something that I don’t know what it is?



Now, when you or I were kids, we knew what “attitude” was. Usually at the end of a belt or a ‘switch.’ Scars. To this day.

We don’t do that today…


Me: No Internet for a week!

Iz: Noooooo! Daddy I’ll do anything!!

And voila, shoes. Let’s go.

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