Imagine That, Part 2

Snuggle Time, Part 2.

Isabella (she’s 8) is the victim.

Iz: But, Daddy… What about me?

Me: Wait. I don’t remember you. I have another child?

Iz: Yeah, duh. Me. Since, 2007.

Me: Uh… Racking my brain… Was I here?

Iz: Um, no, you weren’t here.

Me: No?! Really… No?! So, I wasn’t here.

Iz: Well, we didn’t live in this house in 2007. So, you couldn’t be here. Like, actually, here.

Me: Oh that’s a relief. Because, Mommy and I were going to have to have a little discussion.

Iz: You’re still a Butt Face, though.

Both girls erupt into laughter.

My work here is done.


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