West Coast Regional Champion of the World

On the way to last Saturday’s regional gymnastics championships, Isabella (she’s 8) complains about not feeling well. She’s been fighting an on-and-off cold for several days.

Iz (on the road to Redlands, CA): I don’t feel well.
Mommy: What’s wrong, Sweetie.
Iz: I dunno. Parts of me feel sick.
Mommy: Which parts?
Iz: I think my “nervous” parts.

Rest assured, Iz got past her stage fright. And, so without further ado, I present:

Your 2015 Uneven Parallel Bars West Coast Champion (of the wooorld!), (8-year-old division): Isabella!

Gymnast....  Salute!

Gymnast…. Salute!

Overall, 1 Gold (bars), 1 Silver (vault), 2 Bronzes (beam and floor). And an All-Around Silver medal! In her first year of competition.

Nationals are next… We are considering adding a trophy room to the house.

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