The Chipmunks

Statement of fact:

Julianna (she’s 10): Daddy, small people sound like chipmunks when they talk.

Me: Well, people tell me I’m short. Do I sound like a chipmunk?

J: No, Dad. Like a dwarf or a munchkin.

Me: So, you’re saying I’m a dwarf, then.

J: No, Dad. You’re a regular person. You just kinda stopped growing somewhere along the way.

Me: So, I’m not a munchkin?

J: No, well, but. You just stopped growing. But, your stomach kept going. Hahaha! You’re fat!

Me: Grrr…

J: I am an awesome kid!

Me: Grrr… No you’re not. And, fat people and dwarfs are regular people, too. Be nice.

A teaching moment.

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