Awesome Bro!

Saturday morning, catching up on some DVR’d TV with Isabella (the eight-year-old).

Iz: Daddy, I wanna watch American Ninja Warrior.

Me: Really?… Ok.

It’s an obstacle course. Really tough.

Dude falls into the water. Another dude falls into the water. The girl falls into the water (Isabella: Rats! I thought she could do it!)

Announcer Bro: Our next contestant is a Professional Frisbee Player so you know he has mad reaction skillz!

(With a “Z.”)

Alas, An eight-year-old brings the first bit of rationality:

Iz: Daddy… A Professional Frisbee player? Is that even a thing?

Me: No, Honey. No. Except for frat boys or Trust Fund kids. No one can make a living throwing a frisbee.

Seriously, America. It’s getting out of hand. With the elevating everyone to awesomeness!

Dude fell into the water. (But, with an awesome splash!)

[Yes, I’m awaiting the slings and arrows of pro-frizzB fans. Wait… there aren’t any? Point proven.]

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