Pay Per View

I occasionally click around and visit the other Daddy Blogs on the old Internet. You know, market research and all. And, I gotta tell you, I was shocked to find that one of my fellow bloggers now requires a paid Membership to, I guess, view his daughter’s 7th birthday party pictures. He even has an Advisory Board. Seriously, an Advisory Board.

Now, I’m all for the Free Market and Capitalism and all. But, when your Daddy Blog needs and Advisory Board, don’t you think you’re taking ‘raising your kids’ (as required by law) a little too seriously?

(But there’s always profit to be made.)

Gentle reader, what would you pay to read my hilarious posts for a year? (Please tell me it is $99/year, like some people.) Maybe, you’d like my posts in book form. (Hint…)

(My posts are funnier than his, by the way.)

America, you are my advisors. Talk to me.

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