It’s a God-Awful Small Affair

The local LA indie/artsy radio station KCRW is playing David Bowie all day today. He died last week. I can’t turn it off. It’s a somber day of reflection for me.

That doesn’t mean I won’t be insulted. Because, kids.

On the drive back from gymnastics with Isabella (the newly minted nine-year-old), the radio plays a version of the ’80s hit “Let’s Dance” that was re-mixed sometime around 2000. It’s all Spanish-y guitar and a melody that most people would call a harmony part with lousy voice leading. (Inside musician joke.)

Isabella: Who’s that?

Me: David Bowie. You know, you have the same birthday as he does.

Iz: Yes, and Elvis Pretzles.

Me: Presley. January 8th.

Iz: Whatever… Was David Bowie old when he made this?

Me: Well, when he first recorded it, he was probably in his mid-30s.

Iz: But, was he old when he made this?

Me: Um, I guess he was about the age I am now. So, if you think that’s old, then…

Iz: Wait! What? You mean you could still make a song. Even at your age?

Me: Well, yes, I suppose I could. I try sometimes.

Iz: But, it wouldn’t be popular.

Me: Because…?

Iz: Because, you’re not very popular.

Me: Thanks for that, Honey. I was never very popular no matter what age. It’s probably why I loved Bowie so much.

Iz (on the bright side): But, I know you’re popular with 5 people. Me and Julianna. Mommy. And, Grandma and Grandpa… Though, some more than others.

Let all the Children boogie.

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