Krewella de Vil

So, my attempts at teaching my daughters about actual, good music on the drive in to school have ended up as an abysmal failure. Bowie, Stones, Beatles. Simon and/or Garfunkel. They yield nothing but yawns. Kids these days.

Usually, trips to school end up like mini-raves (do they still do raves?) with the minor 7th chords and the dance-y rhythm. At stop lights, the car bops likes like a 3.2 earthquake. Other drivers nod, knowing my pain.

Apparently. there’s someone called Krewella. A singing sister duo. But, they turn the word “Time” into a multi-syllabic monstrosity. Tiii-eeem.

I point this out every time (tii-eem) it appears on the playlist. And, I am yelled at for correcting her (them… whatever).

When my daughters complain about my bitching, I mention that Adele doesn’t call from the Outsi-eed. Because she actually understands the English language, And, she’s actually English.

Girls: Tii-eem. That’s how Krewella sings it.

Me: Well, it’s wrong. I don’t care. It’s a one syllable word. Time.

Girls: I hate you! You are ruining our life!

Me: “Lives.” Because, there are two of you. So, plural…

Sometimes, when you’re a dad, you do what you can…

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