…But I want eggs!

Tonight’s potential sending out a neighbor-calls-911. It belongs to, let me check my notes… Isabella. (Because, aaaaaaaaah!)

I get her home from a full-day of school and gymnastics practice at around 8:00. Iz is hungry for dinner. Also, she wants the iPad, which her sister has. Oh, crap.

Considering what happened in the car on the way home, this is time for her third meltdown. In 20 minutes.

Now, it’s food. I re-heat her chicken sandwich from yesterday’s Fat-Burger Chicken Sandwich. Not a commercial, but yum.

So, there were a few triggers: It’s late. Julianna has the iPad. Her sandwich is soggy.

Obviously, I am to blame for all of that.

Iz: Aaaaa! Why does she get the iPad!!!! And, I’m starving to death!!!

Me: What do you want to eat? Because, chicken!

Iz: I don’t care! Not Chicken! Anything! My belly is empty! Julianna gets the iPad! Why?? I want Breakfast!

Editor’s Note: I don’t generally respond well to being yelled at while trying to solve a problem created by a ridiculously narcissistic personality in Hollywood. Which is why I am a Hollywood failure. But also: Bitching about my 9-year-old. And, she is full of shit.

Me (I’m now under-my-breath yelling): Ok, do you want cereal?

Iz: I don’t care! But, I want eggs!

Me: So, not cereal? Eggs?

Iz: Why would you say cereal, when I said I don’t care! Eggs!

Me: Because, you said “I don’t care.” Now, you specifically want eggs.

Iz: I don’t care! Eggs!


I made her eggs, which she didn’t really eat.

Iz: I wanted cereal.

Eventually, the whole family was involved. There was lots and lots of yelling. And, I’ll be sleeping on the sofa for a couple of days.

Ultimately, Minecraft fortified their sisterly bond. And that is great. But, they are taking years off of me.

[Admittedly, not a great post. Emotions are still raw…]

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