Whole Lotta Love

I have, from time to time, been unkind to the local Los Angeles “classic rock” radio stations for rehashing the top 40 from 40 years ago (minus the disco), and not really going too deep into the well of great classic songs.

And, the band they use to justify their rockness as a station is Led Zeppelin. 10 songs per day. Minimum. They play Zep as if they were the Second Coming of the Beatles. Instead of playing, you know, the Beatles.

And, to complain is blasphemy.

Here’s the Daddy/Daughter Fun Time perspective:

After gymnastics, I pick up Isabella (she’s 9) and as if on cue, “Whole Lotta Love” comes on.

Me: I’m going to let this play, because you need to know this song. It is a classic, if overplayed, song from the 1970s. You need to know this song.

Isabella: What’s a Led Zeppelin? And, you were alive in the 1900s?

Me: Yes, Jesus. (Quick explanation of the band going over like a Lead Zeppelin, etc.)

Iz: Oh, so it’s ironic! They want to be high, but they are too heavy.

Me: Yes, Honey. They were high.

Song keeps going…

Iz: When he says “I want to give you every inch of my love,” what does he mean?

Me: Um…

Iz: Because, Daddy, you really can’t measure love. And, if you could, why would you only measure it in inches? Why not in feet or yards or miles. Or, what’s the thing in space?

Me: Light years?

Iz: Yeah, light years. How far away is the Sun?

Me: I don’t know, maybe 8 minutes at light speed, I think…

Iz: How many inches of love is that?

Me: 8 minutes if you’re lucky. Let’s listen to NPR, Ok?

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