Girls and Boys

I LOVE talking Sex with my 7- and 5-year old daughters. No awkwardness there. Never… Case in point:

Isabella (she’s the five-year old): Daddy, did you know that boys have a Penis?

Me: Surprisingly… Yes, I did.

Iz: And, did you know I step on yours a lot in the hot tub.

Me: That did not escape my attention.

Iz: And, did you know that girls have a Vagina.

Me: Yes, Sweetie. In fact I think I taught you that word… What was I thinking (but you asked what it was)?

Iz: And, did you know that girls paint their fingernails and toenails sometimes.

Me: Well, yes they do.

Iz: And, girls will put earrings on and wear dresses. Boys don’t do that, they wear pants.

Me: Yes, you’re right.

Iz: And girls like dolls and playing dress-up? Boys like to fight.

Me: Yeah. I suppose.

Iz: Daddy… I REALLY like being a girl.


Yay for her! NO BOYS!

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