Up for Bid

Lynn is handling this year’s elementary school Silent Auction, and she’s doing an incredible job.

My contribution is to proofread and double check the wording of the submissions.

From my limited experience, here’s what I have learned: There are some incredibly awesome donations from some extremely benevolent people and organizations. Humanity doesn’t always suck.

But, if you would like to donate an item or service, here are a couple of things:

– Don’t offer your services to “new people, not pre-existing ones.” Ghosts are generally not known to bid big.

– Don’t mistake the “priceless” photo of you and TV host Mario Lopez with the “Mona Lisa.” They’re a little bit different.

– And, please, please, please. Don’t offer “a Full-Hour Hot Oil Massage” if you are only going to donate it under the name “Anonymous.”

That’s REALLY creepy.

And a bid I will never make again.

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