Spring Fair

I just finished working the Annual Spring Fair fundraiser at Isabella’s pre-school. I worked the bar. (Insert your “It figures” joke here.)

I’m just glad the girls didn’t get a contact buzz from breathing the fumes from the beer/wine/sangria/etc. sloshed onto my clothes over the course of a very long day on the drive home.

But, getting the girls to leave at all proved most difficult. I can’t blame them, they were having such a great time. As I finally rounded them up and headed to the gate, I realize that Julianna (the seven-year-old) has somehow wandered off.

My eyes scan the campus. Finally, I spot her. In the playground.

Me (yelling): Julianna! We HAVE TO GO!

Shoulders slouched, she approaches.

Julianna: Well, I was looking for you.

Me: Even though I was standing right next to you, you thought you’d find me on the Monkey Bars?

J: Well, no. But, I was looking for Isabella. She’s always so hard to find.

I was holding Isabella’s hand. But, it’s always the little sister’s fault.

Seriously, Iz’s school is a great place. http://www.neighborhoodnurseryschool.org
They happily take donations. Tell them Daddy/Daughter Fun Time sent you.

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