I Have a Dream

Julianna’s somewhat sketchy second-grader understanding of American history:

J: Daddy, Marthin Luther gave a great speech.

Me: Martin Luther King, Jr. Yes, go on.

J: We don’t need to say “Junior” since no one knows who his father was.

Me: Well, his father…

J (interrupting): Marthin Luther said the Black people and the White people should be the same.

Me: Yes he did.

J: And George Washington heard what he said.

Me: He did?

J: Yes, and after that, Abraham Lincoln was the president who said the slaves could be free.

Me: Well, Lincoln was president and…

J: Daddy, why did people have slaves anyway?

Me: Wow, that’s a tough question.

J: Because people shouldn’t make other people do stuff.

Me: Yes, that’s right.

J: So, when you tell me to clean up my room, I really don’t have to.

Me: Well, Honey. That’s different. I’m your father, and…

J: Yeah, but… Like Marthin Luther, I had a dream…

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