Take the Plunge

Walking through the door after a long day of work:

Isabella (she’s 5): Daddy, can we get in the pool?

Me: Honey, I just got home.

Iz (flashing her big grin): It’s refreshing!!

Me: I know. Can I please have a minute to myself?

Iz (blinking three times): It’s relaxing!

Me: Maybe. Give me a second. Please!

Iz (combining the two…): It’s re’vigort’ating…. I don’t know that word.

Me: Come on, Honey! I need some time.

The badgering continues off and on for about forty five minutes. When finally…

Iz: Can we get in the pool now?

As I’m sure you have predicted:

Me: Get you bathing suits on.

We eventually jump in, holding hands with Daddy in the middle. Then youngest to oldest. Then baby in the middle.

Check me on this:

Refreshingness: Well, the water had a slight chill, but it was a 90+ degree day. Check.

Relaxation: Hmm, splashing and swimming around. Oddly, exercise can be relaxing. News to me. Check.

Reinvigorating: Oh, I get it. Not just physical, but psychological, too. Check, and Mate.

I hate to be outplayed by a five-year-old. But it’s not the first time that’s happened. Today.

Daddy, can I jump into the deep end?


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