Why are you here? No, seriously. War. Pestilence. Human suffering. And you’re taking the time to visit this little site? Well, at least you have your priorities straight.

That’s me in the picture up there, on the right. The others are People Who Raid My Fridge. In no particular order, there’s the wife Lynn (the one with the darkest hair.) Yeah, I know. Gorgeous. Wickedly Smart. What is she doing with me? Another Mystery of Life.

Then there’s Julianna, the blonde. And yes, thank you for immediately wondering about the little blonde girl’s genetic history in a sea of our dark-haired “family.” My standard answer is: there was a mix-up at the lab. (Because to think otherwise, is to impugn the character of my wife. And that’s uncool, man. Uncool.) Recessive genes, people! Recessive genes.

The littlest one is Isabella. Sure, she looks wonderful and charming and brimming with happiness. And as you will discover here at Daddy/Daughter Fun Time, she always brings a smile to complete strangers with her adorable looks, crazy antics, and engaging personality.

But she is a Spitfire. But, God, I love her.

Anyway, this blog highlights the hilarious antics of the people in that picture. As background: A couple years ago, I started posting little, funny musings (mostly about the girls) on Facebook. I was getting weekly requests to write a book, or a script, or start a comic strip.

So, because all of those things take way too much time, I decided that a blog would be the best (and by that, I mean ‘easiest’) way to appease all those nagging people.

Now, get off my back.

I suppose I should introduce myself. I’m Darren.

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