No, Not Here

As I began conceiving this blog, I did some market research on other blogs in the Daddy Blogosphere.

Wow, there’s a lot of stuff out there. A lot of it is very good. Other parts, meh. Some of it has little do with being a father. And some of it has WAY too much to do with being a father.

Hopefully, I’m going to split the difference. So, here are some things you will not find on this blog:

– I will not give advice on how to be a better father. Anyone who openly mocks his kids as much I do is someone you should not take advice from.

– I will not track my investments and tell you why the CEO of company X is an ass.

– I will not compare and contrast diaper changing techniques from around the world.

– I will not talk incessantly about my comic books, video games, or miniature figures. Since I do not have any of those things, that would just be silly.

– I will not use it as a family photobook of trips to the Mojave. That’s what Facebook is for.

– This blog will not be ALL ABOUT ME (like virtually every blog in existence). Only Mostly about me. The kids are props for my humor. Nothing more… Ok, sometimes they say or do something absolutely priceless. Rarely, but it does happen.

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