Driving the girls in to school yesterday, Isabella (remember, she’s five) says:

Iz: Daddy, I know why you’re driving us today.

Me: Why is that, Sweetie?

Iz: Because, Mommy has to go downtown so she can go to Germany.

Me: Uh… No, Honey. Not “Germany.” “Jury Duty.” But, I can see how you’d make that mistake. They sound a lot alike.

Iz: I don’t understand.

Me: Well… One is a place where historically, and unfortunately, you could be forced to show your papers, held against your Will indefinitely, subjected to endless interrogation, and become part of a show trial.

Iz: Blink.

Me: And, the other one is a country in Europe!! Get it? Europe! Funny stuff.

Iz: Daaad!

Me: Ok, try this one. I said, “Doody!!”

Iz: Hahaha! Doody.

Thanks to all my German friends (and family!) for having a sense of humor. Also, to the Judicial System.

I’m sure some of you saw both of those jokes from a mile away…

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