On the way home from piano lessons…

Isabella (she’s 7): Daddy, there’s a kid in my class who wasn’t born in America.

Me (attempting to be interested): Really… Where was he born.

Iz: In a country that begins with an “I.” Guess which one.

Me: Ok. Iguanastan.

Iz: Daddy, that not a country.

Me: No?

Iz: Ingland!!!

Me: Well, actually it’s “England,” and it begins with an “E.”

Iz: Whatever… Do you know what language they speak there?

Me: You’re asking me what language they speak in England? Honey, I’m dying… Please tell me.

Iz: British!

(long pause)

Me: Hmm. Uh… You know that that’s same as English, right?

Iz: No, Daddy. It’s English, only (finger pointing dramatically). With an Accent!!

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