Boo Boo

So, I was looking to catch my daily dose of American Popular Culture when my remote control landed on the TLC Channel. Years ago, TLC stood for “The Learning Channel,” when they produced, you know, “educational” and “informational” programming. Times have changed.

That was long before they tripped over ‘Hoarders’ or ‘Strange Sex’ or “Toddlers” with “Tiaras” beauty pageants.

Which brings me to my story…

I’m sitting with the eight-year-old Julianna.

J: Ooo, Daddy! Look at that cute little girl!

Me: Do I have to?

J: Can we watch?

The little girl is called “Honey Boo Boo,” because she should never be considered an accident. Apparently, she is one of those child beauty pageant contestants. America, shame on you.

After watching for a minute or so…

J: Daddy, I can’t understand what she is saying.

Me: I know, Sweetie. They keep writing the words on the TV so we know what they are saying.

Julianna pauses and reflects.

J: But, Daddy… Why should I watch TV if I have to read? Shouldn’t I just grab a book?

Me: Yes, Honey! Let’s get a book!

Honey Boo Boo. Keeping America’s kids literate since a week ago last Thursday. (There’s your slogan!)

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