Boy Parts

On Sunday morning, Isabella (she’s 5) and I are delighting in watching the Scholastic Book video collection. These are classic childrens’ books re-told on video. Some of the stories are timelessly awesome (Harold and the Purple Crayon), others are wretchedly-’80s horrible (not naming names).

Isabella desperately wants to watch “In the Night Kitchen” because she knows the book. And, it has a naked boy. Naked. Full Frontal.

Iz: He’s Naked!

Me: Ok. I don’t know what you’re thinking. But, trust me, that’s not a big deal.

I push the PLAY button.

Iz: But, he’s naked.

Me: Honey, yeah. But…

Iz: Hehehehehehe.

Me: Much less of a big deal than you may think. Boys don’t need that extra pressure.

Wait. Over-explaining.

Iz: Hahahaha! You can see his butt!!

Me: Oh… His butt…

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