LA Snow Day (of sorts).

In Los Angeles today, nearly 700,000 students and tens of thousands of teachers and staff were sent home with no warning because of a terror threat. Even after some kids had already arrived at school and moms and dads were already into their obligatory weekly staff meetings, with the PowerPoints and the donuts and the Starbucks boxed coffee. Literally, millions of people were affected.

I know you are dying to know how this affected me. (I’ll try to not waste your time.)

For my non-LA, NY, Chicago friends, 700,000 people is probably many times the size of your city. And, I’m just talking about kids. Now, they are all (or at least 2 of them) making impossible demands in my kitchen: No! I hate peanut butter! She hit me first! She won’t help me! Daddy, you’re fat! I’m soooo bored! I want a waffle even though I know we don’t have any. Daddy, can I sing my new song to you? And can I play the violin? Can I have the iPad? Can I have the iPad? No Fair! Why does she…

Never mind Mommy and I have work to do.

When I was a kid back East, a snow day was a fun time when my mother would wrap me in way too many layers (like the little brother in A Christmas Story) and send me out with a sled for hours and hours of fun.

I’m not quite sure what to do with a “terror” day.

And, if you suggest going to the library… We tried that. Hipster dude in front was tripping on whatever the kids trip on nowadays. He was dancing and shouting and dancing some more. He ended up face down in the dirt. I told the librarian. She called 911. The girls saw it all.

Still, I guess it’s better that the girls are (reasonably) safe at home if there’s a credible, yet unverified threat. Because, Sandy Hook was not verifiable.

Now, if they’d just get off my back. (I mean that literally; One is climbing over me to get to the TV remote.)

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  1. A year later, I really missed the mark on this post. Much too glib and not supportive of friends in San Bernardino. I think of this tragedy frequently.

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