Liberty Mutual

Facebook passive-aggressively asked me “Season’s Greetings! What’s on your mind?”

Then, “Let your friends know if you are feeling festive.”

I am not. And, this might put me on some Watch List. Because, I read 1984, but I am not a natural-born revolutionary.

Topic: Liberty Mutual Insurance commercials.

Dear Liberty Mutual, I do not have a car named Brad. I am not driving on 3 wheels. And, I understand that my car depreciates before the first oil change. Because, I effing read the policy before I signed it. I am not standing in front of a green screen with the Statue of Liberty behind me. And, that island park that I am supposedly standing on with the sea gulls and the boat and the waves… Do you have a snorkel because I’m pretty sure that I’d be swimming in the bay. And, now, it looks like I’ll have to endure another year of your horrible commercials. The only thing missing is a gekko. Someone, get me Flo on the line. I know I’ll be in good hands with her. That’s prudential. Huh? Wait… What?

Am I the only one?

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